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Berkshire Alloy Wheel Repair

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality mobile alloy wheel repairs in Berkshire and the surrounding counties. We understand the frustration you feel when your treasured alloys are the victim of scuffs, chips, kerb damage or vandalism and so we offer a complete refurbishment, repair and custom painting service that saves you from buying costly replacements.

For over a decade we have been working in the alloy repair industry and we bring our extensive knowledge, our experience and our well-honed skills to your alloy wheel repairs.  We have an unrivalled attention to detail that gives your alloys the respect they deserve.

We believe that your alloys should not only enhance the look of your car but also increase the value, we want your car to be the one others aspire to own when sporting alloys repaired, refurbished or custom painted by us. Constantly moving with the times we use the latest in modern technology and equipment to bring you a precision finish, satisfying our desire for perfection every time while making sure we always exceed your expectations.

Value For Money






Our specialist services include:

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

We understand how frustrating it is when your alloy wheels are scuffed, scratched, dented or damaged by a kerb but with our same day mobile alloy wheel repair service, you don’t have to be without your wheels for long. Our attention to detail means we’ll completely bring your alloys back to life using the best machinery and qualified technicians to carry out the repairs. The results speak for themselves but we’re confident that you’ll receive great looking alloy wheels that look as good as new, for a fraction of the cost.

Alloy Wheel Custom Painting

Our alloy wheel custom painting services are popular as our attention to detail and eye for perfection extends to our painting and design. We can explore a range of finishes with you ensuring you receive alloys that are completely bespoke to you, making your vehicle as individual as you are. From powder coating to a wet coat finish, colour matching to coding we can bring your dream alloys to life so you get the wheels you’ve always wanted.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Restoration

As we’ve lived and breathed alloy wheels for over a decade we have had the opportunity to see every type of alloy wheel from the extremely rare to the massively popular. This experience allows us to confidently offer complete alloy wheel restoration that brings your alloys back to their former glory, making them look completely brand new while ensuring strength, durability and finish. We’ll always start from scratch with every service we offer, ensuring we have a complete clean alloy to work on before repairing, priming and finishing with a scratch resistant lacquer that extends the life of your alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We repair all types of alloy wheels for all makes and models of vehicle. From small repairs to the alloy rims to split wheel complete repairs our skills and expertise allow us to offer the services to suit your needs. Even if an alloy wheel hasn’t received any damage it can still begin to look lacklustre after a few years. Our refurbishments bring your alloys back to life with exact colour matches or using a completely new finish to your specification. We only use the best equipment and technology to bring you a supreme refurbishment that lasts, as always our alloy wheel refurbishments are great value for money and of the highest class.


We are a team of dedicated and experienced alloy wheel repair, refurbishment and design specialists that all share the same ethos. To bring you great value for money alloy wheel repairs that remove the need for replacement while enhancing the appearance of your car.